I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

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I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

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Hello. Quote:When I preview them you can't tell which one is fullscreen nad with one is wideActually, if you are using Nero's recode2 (the same as DVD Shrink) and go into the re-author mode, When the main movie begins to play, you can in fact see the difference, which is WS and which is FS. As a general rule, and I emphasize generally, it is title 1 BUT of course it can be any title. I use recode2 a lot more because it maintains a working menu. Give recode a shot - it's under-used and it is much better than DVD Shrink because of the menu.As far as the angles, an explanation of DVD Multi angles on a DVDCourtesy of vurbalAdditional angles are added using a process called interleaving where multiple versions of a title share some parts and have other parts that are unique. In the case of multiple angles the different versions are actually part of the same title (as listed in a table in VIDEO_TS.IFO - where Shrink seems to get the title numbers from) so it's not listed separately in Full Disk mode. If you go into re-author mode the duplicate video/audio is contained in each angle so you can select the version you want. If the different versions of the title had been different lengths (like theatrical version and director's cut) it would have had to use a different type of interleaving called seamless branching, which requires 2 different titles that would have both been listed in Full Disk mode. This is common in Disney movies. They often use it to have multiple versions of the credits in different languages. I even have one Disney DVD (Beauty & The Beast Special Edition) that has 3 different versions of the movie using seamless branching and each version has 2 angles. When I open the disk in Shrink it shows me that the main movie is 3 titles and re-author mode shows 6 titles because of the extra angles.Cheers,PeteThe “Old Man” Pete (???) Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~&gt


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